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E-trade survey reveals what millionaire investors think about this market

A survey conducted recently by Morgan Stanley’s self-directed trading platform E-trade recently revealed what millionaire investors think about the current state of the stock market, […]
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China’s Economy Performed Well in 2020 Despite the Pandemic

On Monday, China released its 2020 GDP data that showed that the economy expanded 2.3%. It is expected to be the only major economy to […]
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CCIV Stock Pares Gains Amid Doubts Over Lucid Motors Deal

EV (electric vehicle) company Lucid Motors was rumored to go public through a reverse merger with Churchill Capital Corp. IV (CCIV). However, it does not […]
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Looking to invest in a clean energy ETF? Check out these three candidates

The clean energy sector has been dramatically favored by the pandemic, as a shift towards renewable sources of energy and technologies including hydrogen fuel cells, […]
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Intel stock surges amid CEO change ahead of the firm’s Q4 earnings

Intel stock surged yesterday after the company announced the resignation of its Chief Executive Bob Swan, who served as the firm’s head for roughly two […]
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Get over Tesla! GameStop is The New Short Seller Killer Stock

GameStop stock soared to a new 52-week high on Wednesday that led to a short squeeze. 2020 was a bad year for Tesla stock short-sellers […]

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